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Over 2,000 sq.m. of floor space for the preparation and conserving of natural casing

Comercial Subproductos started production in 1984 in the village of Sant Feliu de Pallerols. In 2008 it moved to its current location in the village of La Cellera de Ter.

Its new facilities have enabled the company to improve its operational efficiency, hygiene and product conservation conditions, and storage capacity.

High-quality Casing

Over the years Comercial Subproductos has remained true to its objective of producing and marketing the finest casing in accordance with our customers’ requirements.

Comercial Subproductos is particularly well-known for the quality and ready availability of its products and for its ability to comply with all the dimensional, shelf-life and hygiene parameters required by its customers.

First-class production facilities

The company’s outstanding production facilities are located in the village of La Cellera de Ter in the province of Girona (Catalonia).

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